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Meet the Brain Behind Opalapaaraka.Com, A Conceptual Musical Artist.

Meet the brain behind Opalapaaraka.com, a conceptual and an iconic musical artist and a loving husband. Opala Nyaedozie Agbapuonwu is a native of Onitsha Ado N’Idu in Anambra State, from a family of 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls). His father (Oguejiofor Agbapuonwu) is a well known sculptor and a professional building engineer in architectural artworks, and his mother (Ifeoma Agbapuonwu) who was once the national fastest sprinter of her time in the 200 meters race, is thriving very well in business.

Been the eldest in the family, Opala is determined to be independent even though his second sister (Salwa Eid Naser Ebelechukwu Agbapuonwu), the world second fastest runner and Asian Champion, has been a strong backbone of the entire family. Opala worked under a security company in Dubai from 2015 to 2017 before deciding to quit the company and come back to Nigeria in order to establish himself.

He has a BA in Philosophy and he is a graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsukka (Class of 2012) and he carried out his service to his country at St Andrew Grammar School Ondo West, in Ondo State.

His music life started in the year 2004 while he was with a crew called D-INC.  However all the members of the crew have left music except for Opala whose love for music will never allow him to abandon the art. With Opala Paaraka blog site, Opala hopes to use it as a platform to promote himself and others who are finding it difficult to put their content on the map due to the high financial demands from bloggers.

With N2,000 only you can have any content you want to upload to appear on Opalapaaraka.com

Opala Paaraka covers the entire Africa in the areas of entertainment and news. We are the best when it comes to dishing out first hand information and updating you with the latest happenings around Africa. We upload information on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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April 2020

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