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[MP3] Ayaokwu by Opala

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The ice has been broken once again by Opala who has been offline for quite a long time and now he decides to warm up the music industry and the music blogs with his new look and his new styled song “Ayaokwu.” Ayaokwu means the battle of words; the words we battle with everyday in ourselves and from people we encounter on a daily basis.

But no matter what our heads say to us or what people say to us we are still left with a choice to listen or not to listen, to act or not to act, to reply or not to reply. The song is filled with multi rhythms like reggae, crunk, trap, afro, rap, dancehall, etc. The Heat is on.

Ayaokwu by OpalaHOT
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Ayaokwu by Opala

Date 2019-12-21
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